Pocket Bike Safety Tips

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There is no denying that pocket bikes are fun – but they can also be dangerous. These motorized vehicles must be handled with care and you must know what to wear when riding them and how you should ride them. With the proper safety instructions you will ensure that you and the people around you are safe.

Protective Gear

The most important thing that you need when riding a super pocket bike is the proper protective gear. Gear includes a certified pocket bike helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, gloves, and shoes. Make sure that everything you wear is not too loose – but also not too tight.

Laws For Pocket Bikes

Each city and/or state has set up specific laws for pocket bikes. You can contact your local DMV to know what these laws are. These laws are to be followed and are designed to keep you safe.

Pocket Bike Age Limit

Most manufacturers urge parents not to let children under the age of 12 ride a super pocket bike. Those who are 13-16 can ride – but must be supervised.

No Streets And Sidewalks

You are not allowed to ride your super pocket bike on the highways, sidewalks, streets, roads, pathways, and other places in which normal motor vehicles are driving. This is illegal and will put the pocket bike driver at risk.

Proper Weather Conditions

Never ride your super pocket bike when it is raining, icy, foggy, snowing, or at night. These things will impair your vision and can increase your chances of getting into a serious accident.